How to Host a Virtual Foul Play Party – Tips for the Virtual Party Host

Uncertain times and Lockdown rules don’t mean that you can’t meet with friends virtually online. Not done this before? It’s easy – we talk you through the steps!


There are lots of virtual meeting systems available but we recommend using one that you and your friends are familiar with. If you’ve not used a virtual meeting app before, then we have lots of hints and tips here for you to help get you started!

Preparation to anything is always key so set aside a little time to familiarise yourself with any new technology well before the party, so that you are comfortable using it. Have a few goes with friends before the big event!

Zoom Virtual Meeting & Chat App

We recommend using Zoom if you are not familiar with using virtual meeting apps.

Virtual parties can be just as fun as real parties, it just means that your friends are with you in real-time over an internet connection.

Technology Checklist for a Virtual Party

There are a few technology items all the guests will need to join in a virtual party:

  • A device that can connect to the internet with a microphone and video function (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC)
  • Virtual Meeting app installed and working on the chosen device
  • Speakers, microphone and webcam all working on the chosen device
  • Device fully charged – virtual meetings can drain a battery quickly! Keep a charger handy.
  • All party guests using the same Virtual Meeting app

1. Virtual Party Planning can be fun and simple. Heres our ‘to do’ checklist for the Party Host:

  • Preparation is key, make sure that you plan your party well and in advance. Give your guests plenty of time to RSVP and organise themselves.
  • Send out your party invitations by email in plenty of time. Invitations should include the Virtual Meeting information (most applications provide a ‘Join Meeting’ code) which your guests will need, as well as party date and time.
  • Follow up email invitations to check that your guests have seen your email invite. Speak with everyone to check if they can attend the party, if they can’t you may want to send an invite to someone else to make up the correct party numbers.
  • This is also a great time to check that your guests are comfortable with the Virtual Meeting software you are using. For anyone apprehensive, you may want to suggest a trial ‘meet’ before the Big Event.

“Parties are the nightly ritual of sophisticated society”

2. Choose your Party Theme and Download your FREE Foul Play Mystery Murder Script

Absolutely FREE, choose one of our Party Themes and download the murder script. We hope you come back and visit us again and choose a different Party Theme to play. All of our materials are absolutely FREE. All we ask is that you share our website link and social media pages and recommend us to your friends.

Come back regularly to our website as we try to release a new murder script every couple of weeks, depending upon how hard we can make our writers work!

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Register your email address and we will send you the Last Page of your chosen Foul Play Mystery Murder script, written by our professional writers.

Only read this page when you’re ready to know who the Murderer is, otherwise it may spoil your enjoyment of the game!

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4. Nearly Ready to Party?

Email your guests the Murder Script. We suggest that you do this close to the party date. The game is best enjoyed if your guests don’t read the script until the party starts!

The script contains all of the wording, conversation, clues and secrets your guests need to solve the mystery!

Be careful not to send your guests the Secret Murder Reveal page. As Party Host, you will reveal who the Murderer is at the end of the Party.

5. Get comfortable and Get Ready and on the day of your Mystery Murder Party

Get Into Character

A big part of Mystery Murder Parties is getting into Character. This is a chance to get into the skin of the character you are playing and a costume can help with creating the persona you want to be.

Think about the personality of your character and their good attributes. Do they have any bad habits? Do they speak with an accent? Do they have a distinguishing feature or something that makes them different to the other guests?

Don’t forget to have props to hand. If your character likes a drink, have a cocktail in view. If your character boasts about jewellery or medals or money, throw these into view too!


Prepare your Technology

Set up your device in a comfortable place where you won’t be in a noisy part of the house or a main through-route for the rest of the household.

Check that your device is charged, internet connected and charger to hand.

Have your Foul Play Mystery Murder script ready (either printed out or easily accessible on another device). You will have emailed your guests a copy of the script earlier, so everyone should have their own copy ready for the party.

Have your Foul Play Mystery Murder Reveal ready (again, either printed out or easily accessible on another device). If you don’t want to know who the Murderer is, then don’t read the Murder Reveal until the script instructs you to.

Have some refreshments ready, a drink (or bottle) and you’re all set to Virtual Party!


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