COMING SOON – The Red Death Masquerade Murder

Foul Play Mystery Murder Parties proudly presents:

The Red Death Masquerade Murder

A game for 8 Adult players (18+ years)

The Murder Setting

Set in the upmarket borough of Chelsea, London, a private household is hosting a select and intimate gathering of Bondage and Domination enthusiasts to showcase their newly refurbished play rooms and basement dungeon.

The atmosphere is rich, lavish and decadent and the guests are full of nervous anticipation for the excitement ahead as their generous hosts welcome them warmly to the party. This is an exclusive ‘invitation only’ party at the home of esteemed French cosmetic surgeon Dr Xavier Moreaux and his wife Mistress Camille.

All of the guests have met briefly before at other larger parties held by the Moreauxs, however, this time the gathering is much smaller and more intimate. The Moreaux are keen to have the approval of their influential friends of the improvements they have commissioned to enhance the pleasure of entertaining guests at their home.

The Victim – Mlle Chartreuse Fièvre

Picture for scene setting purposes only. Reproduced with kind permission.

Her Background Story

Twelve months ago, Parisienne art student Mlle. Chartreuse Fièvre arrived in London for a gap year to work in the City for a fashion magazine. She had a special interest in cosmetic art and was intending to use her talents for make-up and artistic body painting to work in Photography and Film Special Effects.

Her unique looks and bubbly outgoing personality attracted the attention of Glamour Photographer Jean-Pierre Toujours at her placement working at the fashion magazine. On discovering that Mlle. Fièvre was very liberally-minded with no inhibitions, he had soon encouraged her to model for him in his glamour shoots and freelance work. Keen to exploit her adventurous nature, Toujours introduced Chartreuse to Dr and Mrs Moreaux to further her education.

The Murder Scene – The Red Theatre

Picture for scene setting purposes only.

The Players

Miss Thisbe Parmentier
Mr Rory Renshaw
Mrs Tilda Butler-Renshaw
Mr Arran St John
Mlle Chartreuse Fièvre – The Victim
Mistressq Camille Moreaux – The Hostess
M. Jean-Pierre Toujours
Miss Agata Bartholomew
Dr Xavier Moreaux – The Host

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Photographs reproduced by kind permission.

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